Honours and Awards – ‘The Teacher of Excellence Award’


JETA has instituted this award for member teacher working at + 2 stage for his yeomen service to the field of education. It is conferred on such teacher who has profusely proved his/her calibre for and contribution to both the English Teachers’ Community and the society as well.

* The Award Comprises a Citation, Cash prize of Rs. 2000/- and a memento.

* Criteria for selection

  1. The applicant should be the life member of JETA.
  2. He/She must be presently working in the Senior Scale Grade while applying for the award.
  3. He/She must provide reliable documents for the achievements mentioned in the application.
  4. The writer teacher need to submit either the copies of their books or news paper cuttings regarding their publications.

* Procedure : The applicant should apply online and attach the scanned copies of documents, on or before May 31st, every year.

* Selection Panel : It Includes

  1. The President, JETA.
  2. The Secretary, JETA.
  3. The Dy. Director of Education, Kolhapur.
  4. The Principal of a college (who is basically an English Teacher) - nominated.
  5. The Media Representative (nominated).
  6. The Learned Citizen (nominated).
  7. The Member Nominated by Executive Council of JETA.

In case the panel doesn’t find an eligible candidate, it reserves the right to keep the Award in abeyance for the year.



The Earlier Recipients of the Award,

Mr. K.B. Patil    -      Vivekanand College Kolhapur in 2014
Mrs. N.C. Gyal   -      Gopal Krishna Gokhale College Kolhapur in 2015