About us


Kansishtha Mahavidhyalayin English Teachers’ Association, Kolhapur (JETA), founded in May 2010, is purely an academic organization. It has been striving hard with commitment, enthusiasm, innovative ideas to enhance the process of learning. JETA has planned innovative and exclusively educative programmes for teachers as well for students. JETA organizes workshops, seminars for English Teachers working at +2 stage. It has instituted The Teacher of Excellence Award for English Teachers for their yeomen service to the field of education and the society as well.

JETA appreciates & felicitates the member teachers for their outstanding achievements as well as the retired Member Teachers. JETA publishes a souvenir, The English Teacher to offer an opportunity not only to Writer-Teachers but also to writer students. The wards of members are felicitated every year for their outstanding achievements.

For students, JETA not only organizes an Elocution Competition every year to develop Oratory Skills of the students but also conducts Skills Based Competitive Tests (SBCT) with Grammar to develop their Writing & Communicative Skills. It also organizes Orientation Programmes for students. JETA appreciates the talent of English Subject Topper in H.S.C. Exam and felicitates not only him / her but also his / her English teacher/s, parents & Head of the Institute / College.